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How to Remove Candle Wax From Your Clothes

Candle wax can be a pest when it gets on your clothes and doesn't want to come off. Follow our easy step by step guide to remove any and all candle wax residue from your clothes.

By Dan Steiner, Jan 23, 2023

Candle wax can be a tricky stain to remove, but it is possible with the right technique. Here’s a guide on how to effectively remove candle wax from your clothes and restore them back to their original condition:

Step 1: Put Clothes in Freezer

Before attempting any cleaning method, put the stained clothing into a sealable plastic bag and place in the freezer for one hour. This will help harden up the wax residue making it easier to scrape off using a knife or spoon without damaging fibers of material itself.

Step 2: Scrape Off Residue

Once frozen, use a butter knife or metal spoon to carefully scrape off excess wax residue as much as possible; just be careful not to apply too much pressure which may cause tears or weaken fabric further. Afterward, clean any remaining bits with an old toothbrush if needed; this helps remove stubborn pieces which could still cause discoloration when washed later!

Step 3: Soak & Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Fill up a bowl with cold water and add one teaspoon of mild detergent (or two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid) into solution before soaking stained fabrics for at least 45 minutes. Once done, run another cycle through a regular wash cycle using your machine - make sure that you set it on delicate cycle for best results! If stain persists after washing then repeat steps above again until completely removed.

Step 4: Hang & Air Dry

Once finished with the cleaning process, hang outdoors if space is an issue (ensure that they are not exposed to direct sunlight which can cause fading) or alternatively you can lay flat on a flat surface indoors where possible. Do not force-dry fabrics in the dryer as this will likely damage delicate fibers further over time!

In conclusion, candle wax can be tough to remove depending on the type of fabric affected and how long it had been there before being noticed! By following the above steps such as freezing firstly, scraping off hardened residue gently and washing in cold water – you can give yourself some good headway in restoring your clothing back to its original condition even after multiple washes!