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Frequently Asked Questions

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Doing Good Laundry

How do I clean my clothes in an environmentally sustainable way?

What ingredients are in Good Laundry products?

Good Laundry Laundry Detergent Strips

Are laundry strips safe for sensitive skin?

Why is the fragrance less potent than other detergents?

How long do laundry detergent sheets last?

Does the temperature of water matter when using detergent sheets?

My clothes don’t smell clean after using the sheets. What is wrong?

Where do I place the strip in my front-load washing machine?

What types of clothes can I use detergent sheets on?

Good Laundry Scent Enhancers

How do I use scent enhancers to improve my laundry?

How do you store your scent enhancing beads?

Should I match the type of scent enhancer to my laundry and dryer sheets?

Do scent enhancers fully dissolve in cold water?

Good Laundry Dryer Sheets

What are eco-friendly dryer sheets made of?

How do I use an eco-friendly dryer sheet?

Do you test your dryer sheets on animals?

Are eco-friendly dryer sheets as effective as traditional dryer sheets?

How many times can I use an eco-friendly dryer sheet?

Can I recycle my eco-friendly dryer sheets?

Good Laundry Fund

How does The Good Fund work?

How are loads of laundry donated?

How much has been donated so far?

Can I change the cause my order supports?

Does the charity receive my information?

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