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What Happen if You Pour In Too Much Detergent Into A Load of Laundry?

Are you putting too much laundry detergent into your washing machine? See the potential long-term effects of doing this.

By Dan Steiner, Jan 23, 2023

Overdoing it with detergent can be a common mistake when performing a load of laundry, but how does it affect your clothing and machine's performance? Here’s a guide on what happens if you pour in too much detergent into a load of washing:

Detergent Residue & Greasy Film

If you use too much detergent when washing your laundry, you may end up with an excessive amount of suds which can create a residue that clings onto fabric. This could cause clothes to become oily and sticky after drying as well as leaving behind an unpleasant greasy film! Additionally, some types of hot water heaters don’t allow for enough agitation time to thoroughly rinse off all soap from items – resulting in further soapy buildup over time.

Increased Wear & Fading

Excessive amounts of concentrated detergents can also contribute to increased wear and tear on fabric fibers leading to faded colors and weakened fabrics over repeated wash cycles. This is because some laundry products contain harsh chemicals which damage the delicate fibers within textiles – making them more prone to premature aging or tearing down easily even with regular usage!

Clogging Up Your Machine

In cases where too much soap is present inside the washing drum, there’s a chance that excess suds will clog up small pipes or hoses causing water flow restrictions or even blockages. This means that smaller loads won't spin properly while larger ones may take longer than usual before they dry out completely due to limited air circulation within the chamber!

Remedy Solution

If you have accidentally added too much detergent into your machine, there are ways to remedy this situation without having to completely restart the cycle. First off, reduce heat settings before adding half cup of white vinegar per load; this helps dissolve any remaining soap residue left in the chamber while rinsing out lint effectively too! Afterwards, turn on the tumble cycle once again at low temperatures for cleaning purposes only – no need for extra drying afterwards as everything should come out clear afterwards.

In conclusion, using too much detergent in each wash cycle can leave behind an unpleasant smell and sticky residue stuck onto fabrics. By following the above steps such as adjusting heat levels before adding white vinegar - you can easily rectify this issue whilst ensuring cleanliness of items afterwards as well!