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Will Dryer Balls Help Your Clothes Dry Faster?

In a rush for your clothes to dry? Have no fear! Adding a dryer ball into your dryer can help clothes dry faster! See our guide on the steps you should take.

By Dan Steiner, Jan 23, 2023

Dryer balls are one of the most popular tools used to help clothes dry faster and reduce wrinkles. But do they really work? Here’s a guide on how dryer balls can help your clothes dry faster and save you time:

Step 1: Choose Quality Dryer Balls

When selecting dryer balls, make sure to pick high-quality ones with natural fibers such as wool; cheaper plastic versions are not as effective and also add an additional layer of lint which could be difficult to remove from fabric. You should also look for ones that have larger sizes which offer maximum coverage within the drum.

Step 2: Add Laundry Soap & Essential Oils

Before putting your laundry items into the machine, add a few drops of essential oils onto the balls – this will help infuse a pleasant scent while removing dirt particles effectively. You can also combine them with water-soluble laundry detergent or soap inside the chamber for extra cleaning power without taking too much time off drying cycle later!

Step 3: Reduce Heat Settings & Cycle Time

Once everything has been added in, adjust heat settings to lower temperatures (usually around 110°F) before turning on the tumble cycle. This will help speed up the drying process without sacrificing cleanliness since lower heat helps maintain color vibrancy over time as well! You can also shorten cycle length if needed for quicker results – just remember to check back regularly during the process to ensure that all items get dried thoroughly.

Step 4: Remove Wrinkles & Fluff Up Fabrics

When finished with the drying cycle, take out clothes promptly and lay flat on a flat surface indoors where possible - this helps remove wrinkles from fabric before it sets in place permanently. Moreover, use dryer balls by gently fluffing up clothing items whilst still damp which relaxes fibers further for even softer textures when finished!

In conclusion, quality dryer balls are a great tool for helping speed up drying times without sacrificing cleanliness or color vibrancy in fabrics over extended periods of usage! By following these steps such as setting correct heat temperature levels and using the right amount of essential oils – you can achieve faster results while minimizing wrinkles at same time too!