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Press Kit

Good Laundry is an eco-friendly laundry products company that is determined 
to turn routine laundry into a vehicle for positive change. Good Laundry turns traditional laundry products, that are traditionally distributed in plastic-hurting plastic jugs and contain harsh, skin-irritating chemicals into sustainable, 
plastic-free, and gentle on the skin products that give back to causes our customers care about.

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Quick Facts

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Our mission

Our commitment is in the name! We didn’t pick the name “Good” for looks, it’s part of everything we do here at Good Laundry. 

Our goal is to eliminate plastic and harsh chemicals, while leveraging a task we all do to give back to important causes that matter. 

We believe that connecting a routine task to something positive is the right way to motivate and facilitate change.

Giving back

Our customers can select a cause they’re passionate about, which allows us to dollars and free loads of laundry detergent to places that matter.

  • Every product purchased =
$1 to a cause you care about.

  • Every order =
10 loads of detergent donated.

  • Zero

    We're 100% biodegradable, compostable, and sustainable.

  • Vegan &
    Cruelty Free

    Our products are never tested on animals, ever.

  • Sensitive
    Skin Safe

    Hypoallergenic, safe on babies, allergen-free.

  • Cleans Amazing

    Most importantly, our products clean even the dirtiest of clothes, and eliminate the stinky stuff for good.

Our people