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Flowers of Paradise Bundle


Get everything you need with our Flowers of Paradise laundry bundle.

What’s included

  • Detergent Sheets (60 sheets)

  • Scent Booster (60+ loads worth)

  • Dryer Sheets (40 sheets)

Smells like
Tropical Flowers

Good for
All Skin Types

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Flowers of Paradise Bundle

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What’s inside your bundle


Detergent Sheets

Natural, dissolving laundry detergent strips for an incredible clean.

  • No messy liquid to measure

  • Easy to store in tight spaces

  • Gentle on skin

  • Tough on dirt


Scent Booster

Easily customize fragrance strength with dissolvable laundry beads.

  • Get your exact scent preference in every load

  • Biodegradable, resealable packaging

  • Dissolves 100%

  • Skin and earth-friendly ingredients


Dryer Sheets

The earth-friendly way to eliminate static and soften fabrics.

  • Eliminate dust and lint from static clothes

  • Made from plant fibers instead of synthetic polyester

  • Carcinogen and irritant free

  • 100% biodegradable

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Take your laundry on a trip to a floral paradise

Meet your new favorite laundry detergent

Other detergents contain harsh chemicals that irritate the skin, and plastic packaging that harm the environment. Good Laundry products are made to have the same cleaning power, but are gentle on the skin and made with clean ingredients.

Dryer sheets you (and mother nature) can count on

Our dryer sheets work as well or better than store brands, but without all the bad stuff.

You’re in control of how your clothes smell

Our eco-friendly scent enhancer beads allow you to control exactly how fragrant and fresh your clothes come out.

Clean ingredients. No nasty stuff.

Our products are formulated with clean, plant-based ingredients, and none of the nasty stuff like parabens, dyes, bleaches, formaldehydes, and artificial fragrances. Every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure maximum cleaning effectiveness, but without skin irritation.

Sustainable Packaging

We’re 100% biodegradable and compostable, down to the ink we used to print our packaging. All cardboard packaging is FSC certified material, ensuring we’re as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. This helps to keep plastic out of our landfills and oceans! Mother nature will be proud of you.

Safe for even the most sensitive skin

All of our products are specifically formulated to be truly hypoallergenic and allergen free. Enjoy incredible cleaning power, while being extremely gentle on your family's skin.

Saves LOTS of space

Those big heavy plastic jugs take up a lot of space. Good Laundry? Almost no space at all. They’re also easy to travel with, and take up very little space in your suitcase.

How does Good Laundry stack up?

We eliminated harmful plastic, dirty clothes, plus all the yucky stuff.




Plastic packaging

Hurts the environment




Plastic packaging

Hurts the environment



Kids eat

Plastic packaging

Hurts the environment

Gentle, natural ingredients

No mess, fuss or measuring

100% biodegradable

Gives back to mother nature

Using Good Laundry is easy

Extra dirty & large loads

1/2 Sheet

1 Sheet

2 Sheets

Step 1

Start by adding a detergent sheet to the washer drum with your clothes

Small & regular loads

½ teaspoon

1 teaspoon

2 teaspoons

Step 2

(Optional) Add desired amount of scent enhancer beads to the washer drum and start the wash cycle.

Medium & large loads

1 sheet

2 sheets

2 sheets

Step 3

Move clothes to the dryer, add desired amount of dryer sheets. Start the dry cycle.


no plastic. Ever.

We’re doing our part to reduce the billions of plastic laundry jugs entering the earth every year.

Your Good Laundry purchase gives back ❤️

Every product purchase sends $1 + 10 loads worth of detergent to a cause you care about.

Frequently Asked Questions

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My clothes don’t smell clean after using the sheets. What is wrong?

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What types of clothes can I use detergent sheets on?

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