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Lavender Fields Dryer Sheets


Dryer sheets that are friendly to your clothes, and the planet.

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Fresh Lavender

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All Skin Types

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Lavender Fields Dryer Sheets

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The incredible smell of fresh cut lavender

Dryer sheets you (and mother nature) can count on

Our dryer sheets work as well or better than store brands, but without all the bad stuff.

Safe for even the most sensitive skin

All of our products are specifically formulated without common irritants like parabens, phosphates, bleaches, dyes, and artificial fragrances. Enjoy incredible cleaning power, while being extremely gentle on your skin.


no plastic. Ever.

We’re doing our part to reduce the billions of plastic laundry jugs entering the earth every year.

Your Good Laundry purchase gives back ❤️

Every product purchase sends $1 + 10 loads worth of detergent to a cause you care about.

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