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Scent Boosters

Rainforest Breeze Scent Booster


Natural, gentle fragrance enhancing laundry beads

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Breezy Rainforest

Good for
All Skin Types

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Rainforest Breeze Scent Booster

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Smell the breezy rainforest with every load

You’re in control of how your clothes smell

Our eco-friendly scent enhancer beads allow you to control exactly how fragrant and fresh your clothes come out.

Easy as scoop, toss, wash

Step 1

Pour beads

Step 2

Add to washer with clothes

Step 3

Start wash cycle

Safe for sensitive skin

Unlike the store bought brands which commonly use artificial fragrance, our scent beads are made with gentle, natural fragrance, that is much less likely to cause irritation or allergies.

Simply add to your wash

Add as much or little scent beads as you prefer. Here is what most of our customers use…

½ teaspoon

Small and regular loads

1 teaspoon

Medium and large loads

2 teaspoons

Extra dirty & and large loads


no plastic. Ever.

We’re doing our part to reduce the billions of plastic laundry jugs entering the earth every year.

Your Good Laundry purchase gives back ❤️

Every product purchase sends $1 + 10 loads worth of detergent to a cause you care about.

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